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Word Pictures, Inc. develops communications products for branding, marketing and training in all media: print, video and interactive. We enlighten and affect change.

Word Pictures is a lean, efficient organization with a significant base of time-tested relationships. Our "cottage" network of supporting artisans can expand to handle any challenge … or shrink to ensure that the smallest job is treated with honest attention. We remain nimble to change direction and still maintain deadlines.

Our attention to detail is exemplary. We strive to become “experts” about our client’s business/position/products to immerse the audience within goal-focused message(s).

FCA Performance Institute – iShowroom. Word Pictures develops content for iShowroom, FCA USA, LLC’s (FIAT Chrysler) web-based marketing tool that matches vehicles and features from the FCA North American lineup to the needs and desires of the individual consumer. The challenges are working with the various stakeholders across six global car brands and receiving approval from a range of stakeholders … all on-time, on-budget with built-in efficiencies to facilitate the massive programming and visualization requirements.

A Prairie in Michigan: Prairie Restoration Along the Paint Creek Trail. The Paint Creek Trailway Commission selected Word Pictures to create a documentary about the effort to preserve a piece of history, the small prairie remnants along the Paint Creek Trail in Oakland County, Michigan. The documentary, using explanations, interviews and original music, tells the story of the restoration of one such prairie remnant.

Oakland County Water Resources Commission. Word Pictures served as Creative Designer and Production Company for three TV and radio spots, funded by Michigan First!  In each message, citizens were encouraged to be mindful of the required water stewardship. The challenges included crafting a theme that would resonate with the diverse population of Oakland County.

Center Line Public Schools. Word Pictures served as Creative Designer and Production Company for a promotional video for Center Line Public Schools, highlighting new programs in the district. The major challenge of this project was integrating the new video footage and the expansive, existing video assets into the new theme of the video.

The Kuhn Drain “What It Means to You”. The George W. Kuhn Drain, Michigan’s largest retention basin and water treatment center, began expansion in 2005 at a cost of $132 million. The Oakland County Drain Commission selected Word Pictures to document the entire construction and create a video presentation to explain the need for the project and its benefits to the area communities.

Mackinac Island Historic Architecture. Mackinac State Historic Parks (MSHP), administered by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission, includes five sites located in the Mackinac Straits region of Northern Michigan and hosts approximately 400,000 visitors annually to its historic sites. Word Pictures was commissioned by MSHP to create an interactive touchscreen video kiosk examining the historic architecture found on Mackinac Island. Word Pictures also procured the playback equipment for the kiosk.

Other clients have included:

  • General Motors
  • Oakland County, Michigan
  • William Beaumont Hospital
  • Mobile Air Conditioning Society
  • Hiram Walker
  • Walsh College
  • SafeLok
  • Rainbow Connection
  • Raytheon Professional Services
  • FIAMM Horns
  • BBDO Detroit
  • St. John Health System
  • University of Detroit-Mercy
  • GKN
  • ACDelco
  • Kmart
  • A&W
  • Anticipated Plastics

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